The Flight of Alistar

The crunching splash of sleet that covered the asphalt had long since died from her consciousness.

The swish, flap, groan; swish, flap, groan of the windshield wipers kept time with her beating heart.

Entranced by the dimly lit road, her thoughts seemed entrenched in the rhythm of the vehicle.

It was a dangerous night on the road, yet, the road was her only safe place.

Thoughts swished away. Anger, washed away with each mile put between her and the place of pain. The place where her life changed.

Her mind no longer whirled with questions of: “What now?” “Where do I go?”

Empty silence sank in with the splashing pelts of water and ice. Nothing mattered.

An empty, cold, dark night was all that greeted the flight of Alistar.